Wearables, the disrupter of tomorrow


Like most Innovations wearables are still waiting for the form factor to be more desirable and there to be a greater plethora of functionality to attract the masses. Wearables currently fall into two main camps although others are rising in popularity (Sensors, VR, AR etc.); namely the smart watch and the health tracker albeit both really need a few more technological advances for them to become more mainstream. Currently health trackers have greater appeal due to the lower cost and that the battery that can last up to a week, however the smart watches will encroach upon this as future versions have greater battery life, more apps and they include reliable Health sensors. Even with the limited user cases available today wearables will certainly disrupt the Health, life, Insurance and the mobile sector; however the real excitement comes when you think of the possibilities. Tesla already has an IOS app which will allow its owner to park and retrieve their car from their garage without being in the vehicle. Just think what could be around the corner if you factor in that the devices allow for 24 hour monitoring which could not only help you live longer but the big data statistics of a nation could be used for numerous reasons from enhancing medical science to behavioural analytics. Soon we could be paying with our watches, using the built in cameras to log our activities and possibly our consumption. How long will it be before the smart watch replaces our mobile when we are on the move and if over the air charging was added like they are starting to be investigate for iPhones and laptops everyone would want one.

It may not be tomorrow however will watches become the new mobile?


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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