2016 Technology which will change the world


Disruptive technology inevitably changes the future when it reaches critical mass and especially so if it interacts with larger supply chains. In 2016 there are a number of expected disruptive changes which eventually could enter mainstream and then migrate to the enterprise.

Electric Vehicles – It is expected that a new entrant will enter the electric vehicle market in 2016 (Faraday Futures) who will go head to head with Tesla (there are rumours that this could also be associated with Apple). As more entrants enter this market place to advance electric vehicle and battery technology not only will it disrupt the car market but the whole supply chain will be effected from fuel (Charging) to parts to Insurance.

Drones – To date drones have been great fun however their short battery life (usually around 20 minutes) has constrained their uses albeit Amazon has been considering them for deliveries. Drones are now being tested that use hydrogen fuel cells which can increase flight time to more than an hour which could open up a whole new scenario of user cases. Once the challenge of restricted air space and flight times are addressed not only could they be used for deliveries but you could see application in emergency services and anything that needs visual inspection from building quotes to insurance claims etc.

Wearables – The wearable tech industry is projected to grow 64 per cent over the next three years, reaching $25 billion in 2019 when more than 245 million devices are expected to ship. As this industry matures and proactive health monitoring becomes the norm which inevitably will lead to increased lifespan, ripples could be sent through the health, insurance and pension industries.

Augmented Reality – Even though the games industry is very excited about virtual reality one technology which could have an even greater reach is augmented reality (this is the ability for the user to engage with the “real world” rather than virtual); significant developments have made in this space which already allows you to explore the inside of foreign landmarks, treat phobias, better train medical professionals and virtually attend events and much more. This technology could certainly disrupt any service that would benefit from additional information overlays.

This list is only an example of some of the major change which is on its way. In the past most enterprises have focussed on mobile and internet based disruptions however there are a number of disruptions on their way which will effect the way businesses operate and serve their customers.

Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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