Facebook demonstrates technology can be used for good.

geolocation picDuring the recent atrocities Facebook activated its “Safety check” notification app again which allowed them to pinpoint users based upon their technologies location and ask them to “check in” to say that they were safe which could then be seen by all their contacts. Even though they were criticised as to their policy as to when they would activate this, it did show that technology can be used for positive reasons. Could this type of usage start to change the way some mobile apps are developed? Geo-location technology is still not being used to it full potential and you could see numerous ways companies could use this to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Insurance company apps could notify you of known or impending issues based on your location (plus check you were actually there when claims are submitted), Travel apps could notify in numerous ways, both of warnings plus also things to see (based on you notification selection). Geo fencing could also be used in the way products are purchased, hire cars could know where you are and charge based on your location risk rather than miles travelled etc.

As mobile handsets become more and more powerful the ability for it to become an extension of yourself which could notify and validate based on your location offers numerous permutations for the future.

Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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