What is the future of communication


Over the last decade there has been a battle raging between email and social as to which is the preferred method of communication and engagement.  There has been peaks and troughs as technology evolved, form factors became more prevalent and privacy concerns raised their head.  However, has this allowed an outsider to slip through?  As more of the western world starts to settle on the mobile form factor (you are already seeing iPad sales slowdown) is it time for the instant messaging platforms to rise like a phoenix?   In China (Wechat) and Japan (Line) Instant messaging platforms are at the forefront of the communication battle; however Instant Messaging is not what you will remember from the past with the likes of MSN, AOL, Yahoo Chat etc these platforms have voice and video integrated, allow gaming and you can even pay and order services.  This is probably why companies like Facebook are snapping up popular platforms for a premium like WhatsApp.  Even this week Twitter has announced that even though the platform will still support 140 characters, Direct Messaging will increase to 10,000 Characters.  You may be thinking is any of this really important; however it could change the way Businesses communicate with customers forever.  Today communication it is via post, email, websites and applications however will this evolve to include instant messaging?  The only grace organisations have currently is that in the western world everyone is always looking for the next best thing and generally never settle on a single platform however the tide is changing and so is communication.


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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