Don’t just think about Gen Z what about Workplace G+1

workplaceAs technology continues to advance at a pace, conversations around the different generations always lead to the conclusion that different operating environments are needed in the workplace to satisfy the different expectations especially as it is projected that Millennials will be the largest demographic by 2025 and 61% of current employees expect to work beyond 65.

However before we all start adopting standing desks and conducting our business on mobile devices consideration needs to be given to the workplace mix and what the organisations generation of tomorrow (G+1) will look like i.e. %Gen X, Y, Z etc.  Millennials may become the largest demographic in the next 10 years however will this be across all industries?  As governments globally decide that the pension burden is too large to fund and push out retirement dates as far as politically possible will there suddenly be a spike in ageing workers with completely different needs which have never have been experienced before?  Will their requirement be an increased need for comfy ergonomic chairs, large screens etc. rather than standing desks and bean bags?  Although I am sure technology will start to address this issue we must accept that we are now entering a period where one configuration will not satisfy everyone and variable technology stacks and furniture will be needed in the workplace.  Workforce planning will become as essential as technology planning in the future to ensure organisations are successful.

Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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