Technology Innovation verses Sustainability

As Moore’s law continues to drive a faster pace of change where new Innovations are seen every year or two the big question is “what is happening to all these unloved devices? most are probably sitting idle in drawers or cabinets especially as security concerns cause a resistance to pass on and replacement cost reductions verses trade-in  makes the disposal unrealistic.  However if we want to continue at this rapid pace of change its everyone duty to try and prevent the expiration of the planets natural resources by either buying less often or ensuring mitigating actions offset the behaviour.  Over the last few years it has become second nature to add Innovation clauses to contracts and the introduction of WEEE has aided with the disposal process, however there are many other ways which we can help and many companies are looking at more Innovative ways to not only save the planet but also costs.

Some examples where change is being made by technology companies ranges from the unnoticed (Did you realise that companies like Dell are using sustainable materials for packaging? Dell is actually using bamboo to package their PCs) to the very obvious (Apple has installed 55,000 solar panels tracking the course of the sun to power its data centre in Maiden, North Carolina and Microsoft spent US$60 million to turn its 500-acre headquarters into a smart campus to achieve energy saving). In addition to the known IBM is even leveraging spare computing power to work on humanitarian causes so next time you are thinking about Innovation consider the whole supply chain as there are many more avenues than just the retail segment.

Green IT

Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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