Cyclical Innovation Pillars

Innovation Pillars

When you think of Innovation most people immediately quote disruptive Innovation and highlight companies like Apple; however this is just the pinnacle of the discipline and there are numerous facets which underpin this.

Even though the term People, Process, Technology has been around for years it still forms the pillars of the Innovation discipline and explains some of cyclical facets of the Innovators role.

Over the last decade technology has been in a disruptive cycle due to the inception of broadband, cloud, smartphone’s, WIFI, tablets and the touch interface, however we have now entered a new cycle where technology is making incremental improvements to established technology. Therefore from an enterprise perspective it is time to embed the recent disruptive technologies into the processes of the organisation and effect cultural change to ensure that adoption is smooth. Just embedding new technology into the processes of the organisation is not easy as strategic decisions need to be made to realise the benefits and a lift and shift should not be considered.

Innovation is not solely about the inception of new technology as more focus is usually needed when considering the adoption and cultural change required by the organisation to embed the new changes.


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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