Technology Predictions verses Business Strategy

PredictionsAs we step into 2014 the predictions for the next 12 months have already started to emerge and it seems that the traditional media set has expanded to now include television with technology predictions coming from analysts to futurologists. Even though I have heard from a number of excellent futurologists over the years the term now seems to have expanded to include anyone who is aware of new technologies and worryingly I even saw a self proposed corporate futurologist on a television programme over Christmas basing predictions on the current consumer technology available.

Wikipedia Definition

Futurists or futurologists are scientists and social scientists whose specialty is to attempt to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future

Technology is important however it is only an enabler. For most trends to become pervasive a number of other complementary technologies and cultural shifts need to take place. If we look at the iPad as an example, was the IPad itself the technology which changed consumers behaviors away from Laptops to Tablets or was it the App Store Concept? Both were important advances in their own right however it was only when they were combined that the real change was made which has continued to grow.

The same is true for the enterprise, with the advent of cloud the ability to purchase software without the need for home grown development or hosting has meant that delivery cycles and costs have reduced (although this has been at the expense of using vanilla products). The Cloud has therefore enabled Corporates to become more agile however it has never been more important to have an exploitation strategy within its Business Case which not only includes how the products are used but also how your data interacts, is stored plus how you would exit.

Today’s technology choices are immense however technology is only an enabler it is important to ensure that it addresses the needs of the organisation and satisfies the ever changing socioeconomic needs of consumer. Therefore as new trends emerge it is paramount to ensure that the technology actually addresses your strategic direction and requirements and are not just a vanilla offering which satisfies short term perceived consumer trends.


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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