Think Local, Act Global

Think Local, Act GlobalEvery year a number of buzz words and catchphrases do the rounds and most make you cringe when you hear them however “Think Local, Act Global” really resonates as one which not only is sensible it also addresses some of the issues being faced by the enterprise in these austere times.

Over the last few years most companies have reviewed their loss making divisions and have started to address or devolve.  However there will come a time in the future when expansion will once again become the norm so ensuring that all decisions now “Think Local, Act Global” is essential. 

 Every organisation must ensure that every decision made suits the immediate need but will also be acceptable financially and culturally if it is rolled out globally.  In the IT space Cloud technologies are becoming more acceptable however user based pricing is becoming the norm rather than processor.  This is great at a local level however at scale the costs may become unacceptable.  Therefore all strategic functions must not only decide on the domains for the organisation but now be more aware of global implications of selection.

 By adopting “Think Local, Act Global” not only will be decisions be made that are acceptable to the users it will also ensure that organisations are fit for the future.


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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