Is productivity killing your creativity

This month I read an article discussing the above and thought I would take some time out to reflect on its contents and pose some questions to you all. 

 The whole premise of the article was as technology has advanced have we all become so wired to devices that we fill all of our “waiting moments” to enable us to become more productive but at the cost of our creative side?

 I completely agree that over the last 10 years we have all become wired to mobile devices, be they mobile phones, mp3 players, games consoles, or even just the Internet in general (mine started when the first blackberry came out and  we all became obsessed with the red flashing light saying we had an email). Also due to the immediacy of these new technologies we can quickly interact with them in-between activities at work, whilst travelling, whilst watching TV, waiting for a train, meeting etc.  I am not saying this is a bad thing as personally the amount of information I digest on a daily basis to increase my knowledge is infinitely larger compared to 10 years ago and the information is from a global community rather than local.  This in itself makes me massively more productive however I do need to step back regularly to ponder the application and need for each interaction (for me the train is ideal for this).

 The question I pose is that if we spend every waking moment either working or interacting online when are you taking time to think creatively?  Everything we do both at work and personally needs to be continually improved, so are you taking the time to think rather than listen?

 For us to be Innovative and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace we must ensure that we reduce the amount of “white noise” we consume.  This has never been truer in the digital space, everyone is following each other and re-tweeting what has been said, but are you really following a good source? 

 To be more productive follow the thought leaders and people that inspire you (this doesn’t have to be in the digital world).  Do you really need to listen to people who are a postman for other people’s news and spend more time telling you where they have checked into rather than sharing any personal views or inspirations?

 By reducing your sources this will hopefully enrich your outlook and give you the time to think about what your are consuming. 

 Innovation may be the application of new ideas; however ideas without creativity are easily copied and will never become market leaders.



Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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