Social Media – Whats your angle

In our connected society a day doesn’t seem to pass without a mention of social media as everyone climbs onto the bandwagon, however does active Social media participation actually increase your reputation or damage it?

Over the years many Social Sites have come and gone and I am sure everyone can remember the plethora of invitations from friends you have received. However what is the point of it all? To some people it seems to be a game where they must be a member of every type of social media platform to prove them as a social evangelist, although sometimes all this does is show them as a fraud (See my previous post). Like most things in life there are two things you must consider

 1) Who is your audience i.e. Is it business or pleasure and can you comments be separated

2) What is you Angle i.e. are you a creator of content, a participant, a reader or do you feel the necessity to point out everyone else’s information

Social Media is connecting the world at a tremendous pace and should be embraced however if you want to enhance your own reputation and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone else remember that we can all search the web quite happily on our own.


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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