Will 2011 be the year of creation?

Unless you have been on another planet you could not have missed that Apple launched their third post-PC blockbuster the iPad 2 last week (2001 the iPod, 2007 the iPhone, 2010 the iPad). The original iPad was a huge success and in its first 9 months of being 15 million iPads were sold in 2010 from April through December, with $9.5 billion dollars in revenue. 65000 apps are also available in the App Store which have been rendered for use on the iPad.

So you may ask yourself how can Apple improve this product so that it can be even more successful than the first…..well they have and I want one.

The iPad 2 has an all new design (in black and white) with a A5 dual core processor which makes the CPU x2 as fast and x9 as fast for graphics. It has x2 video cameras which we alll wanted to see, a 5 mega pixel for video on the outside (still no camera for stills so this may be an iPad 3 feature?) It is also 33% thinner than the original iPad (8.8 mm apposed to the original 13.4mm) and also lighter (1.3 pounds apposed to 1.5 pounds). It will be available in the US on 11 March and 25 March in the UK.

You may however be asking yourself so what? I know not everyone is impressed with new gadgets, however this one is going to be a game changer. The first iPad was fantastic however when running some files it was not that fast (It still is however better than anything out there, apart from the iPad 2) and without a camera you could not Skype so would never replace a Laptop or a Netbook. With the increased power and cameras this takes the iPad to a new place. This may soon be able to replace your laptop (not yet however).

When the iPad first came out there were many reviews and it was branded a consumption device rather than a creator due to it’s power and the applications available. With the iPad 2 Apple is launching a version of iMovie which for the first time will allow you to shoot video and edit it on the iPad. This will enhance some of the original Apple business apps and start to turn the tablet into a creation device. In addition to the Apple apps you can also create documents using the many online creation apps like Google Docs and Evernote. 2011 therefore may actually be the year where the iPad turns into a creation device and becomes a valuable addition to the Enterprise rather than another toy to increase the cost of IT.

Before you all rush to your IT departments to say you have lost your old iPad, apart from the camera the old one is still good enough unless you need video editing and the business enhancements will be in the app world rather than the hardware. Naturally there will be apps the require the new high spec hardware but not yet.

Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

2 thoughts on “Will 2011 be the year of creation?”

  1. Have you pre-ordered yet?
    I am still resisting the lure of Apple, on all fronts, as a consumer, but am interested in the effect that the iPad is having in the workplace. I still don’t believe the iPad is an enterprise device, and I think that IT departments & their security suites are still catching up, but catch up they will, because they have to.

    1. I am still considering, i have the iPad 1 and although the camera and speed enhancements are interesting until there are more enterprise grade applications I may hold off. With regards the iPad not being an enterprise device i think it depends on the maturity of the IT function. Most organisations are beginning to use many cloud services including webmail which are ideal for the product and as more creation applications become available i think the balance of use will swing towards the enterprise.

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