Will Social Networks become part of tomorrow’s CRM systems?

For years Businesses have tried to implement systems which finally showed a single view of the customer, however as quick as CRM systems are implemented new feeds and platforms are introduced which made the problem worse and quickly the customer records became out of date.

This problem is also true in everyday life; first our contacts were stored in filofaxes, then our outlook contacts and now mobile phones.  However due to the transient nature of employment it has become harder to keep these records up to date as we try to map our contacts details.

However with the advent of Social Networks this situation has been reversed.  Where in the past we concerned ourselves with keeping our contacts details up to date and in one place, now we are plugging into the actual data kept up to date by the owner. In fact not only is the data now accurate, far more information is being revealed by the owner than ever before.

Therefore I predict that in the future CRM systems will store the Business Relationship Data and the entire customer data will be extracted from the Social Networks to ensure this data is always up to date.


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

2 thoughts on “Will Social Networks become part of tomorrow’s CRM systems?”

  1. I was only today checking out a new add-in to a major CRM tool vendor’s web based packages. The add-in is a social collaboration tool that the vendor is now including for free with all flavours of its web CRM product. For use by the organisation that purchases the product, I should add. But it shows how social sites & collaboration facilities are now viewed as almost essential tools in the workplace if this vendor felt the add-in would promote sales of its products.

    What are your thoughts on an individual who uses social media being given the choice to opt in (or maybe more importantly opt out!) of allowing their data to be used in such a way? Or at least being made aware that it may be used in that manner?

    1. Hi Jan

      I think that is an interesting question, I am seeing that lots of companies that are now trying to get onto the bandwagon of social media however instead of using plugins to some of the popular sites they are offering a new social media module and expecting peope to start contributing to a different forum. From experience there are only a certain number of sites people are prepared to populate if they question whether they will really use it and this is shown on corporate sharepoint sites where peope are not prepared to populate or keep their “my site” information upto date.

      With regards the opting out and privacy angle of CRM data, unless you are really on top of your personal settings this is becoming increasingly hard as in most of the T&Cs of the popular Social Networking sites you are allowing them to use the public profile data in search results etc. So in effect you cannot opt out however you can choose what data is in your public profile and interestingly on linkedin you are seeing more and more people who are using the option of first name and surname “initial” rather than full surname to prevent their details easily being found. I predict going forward people and sites will start taking this stance as addtional details are required to locate a friend or colleagues.

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