Will cloud adoption encourage the consumerisation of IT?

As we move through 2011 more and more of us will be choosing to use cloud services in our personal lives rather than opting for applications loaded onto our PC’s.  The benefit of this is that your data is backed up, can be accessed from any device anywhere and you can even sync this to all of your devices i.e. Notebook, iPhone, iPad etc.  This offering has completely changed the way we connect with each other and consume data.  The ability to read part of a book on one device, bookmark it and then continue on another device is truly a timesaver.

As this trend continues; which of course was only made possible through the advent of our new “App” culture you can now see this moving into the enterprise.

More and more vendors are now offering a managed cloud service which is accessed via the internet and is a “win win” for everyone.  This new model prevents the enterprise from butchering their applications beyond recognition which increases running costs and prevents any further upgrades and enables the vendor to migrate all customers to the latest version of the code at the same time and reduces costs by there never needing to be support for previous levels.  

As more enterprise applications go this way, especially with the advent of Microsoft’s Office in the cloud (Office 365) slowly our Business world will start to un-tether itself from the office hardware and we will slowly be able to access various applications from our own PCs.

Over the last few years the talk of the consumerisation of IT has always arisen but there has never been a credible solution.  Now it appears that it may happen all on its own.  By enterprises making considered decisions in their application choices not only will future IT costs reduce but for once the staff will have a choice to continue with company standard hardware or use their own devices, be they Smartphone’s, Tablets or Notebooks. 

The consumerisation of IT will not only save companies money it will also in the short term be an excellent differentiator in the marketplace to attract talent and retain staff.


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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