Collaboration Spammers

As we all embrace Web 2.0 and find more and more ways to collaborate both personally as well as professionally, there seems to have also been an evolution in the spamming community and they now feel they have an open invitation to progress from email spamming to cold calling. 


A day does not pass for me or my team where we are cold called from vendors using the data on various open collaboration sites to try and hawk various Services under the pretence that they have been recommended by a colleague which they surprisingly cannot remember the name.


Luckily these spammers have not grasped the concept that if you call individuals with the same job title in the same organisation there is a high probably that they will be sitting near each other and be aware of the call their colleague took minutes previously.  They also seem surprised when they ask if you have heard of their company and you say yes and are not interested, bizarre….


Let’s hope that this current trend of collaboration spammers does not increase, and they actually research their market properly and target individuals rather than believing that collaboration sites are a replacement for a phone book cold calling list.


Collaboration is becoming an important part of everyone’s life and it would be a shame if openness is constrained for the fear of misuse.    

Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

One thought on “Collaboration Spammers”

  1. Oh, I know. But, its also so very unsophistciated, isn’t it? You correctly point out that practically everyone knows immediately what such calls are, so why actually bother to make them?

    I suppose that as we shut down one door for vendors, they find another to open. They are rather like the viruses that we protect our systems against in that

    Personally, I find that the vendors I trust, the ones who work closely with us, are those that deliver value without asking for any in return.

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