Innovate or Stagnate

Unless you have been living on the moon all our daily news has consisted of over the last few months is the credit crunch, credit crunch and more credit crunch. Although the financial services crisis is deep routed in the sub prime markets fiasco, the share prices are rocked mostly by perception (and of course a vast amount of short selling).  And this is not helped by the constant battering the press is sending everyone’s way.  However a single day does not go past when I hear people saying from various mediums that it is time to batten down the hatches to wait out this financial storm.


As an innovator this is like putting you head in the sand, naturally if you work for an organisation who is on the brink naturally innovation will be the last of your worries however for the rest of the industry this is a time of rest bite which can be used to either take stock or accelerate ones programs to ensure that when some of the big players get back up off their knees that you can slingshot to the forefront rather than being a fast follower.


Invest in innovation now, tomorrows prosperity will rely on it


Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

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