Can we ride the waves to reduce Data Centre Costs?

As the need for power increases due to the explosion in consumption across the planet should we really continue to deplete the planets natural resources until they are gone or should the technology we use evolve so that it is no longer is held ransom to the market forces which control the cost but harnesses the abundant free resources that the planet offers?

Recently Google raised a patent for a water based Data centre at sea which would use Pelamis machines to harness the energy from the waves and use the water to cool the servers. Even though we are probably years away from this and many other carbon neutral advances becoming mainstream the use of the elements should be considered as a sustainable technology choice until at least someone starting trading in the oceans and wind.

Googles Floating DataCentre Plan

Google Data Centre
Google Data Centre

Author: Steve Wakefield

Steve Wakefield is an experienced Innovator presently based in London.

One thought on “Can we ride the waves to reduce Data Centre Costs?”

  1. I would be interested to see whether companies move towards utilising water for such activities on a more local level. The amount of ‘grey water’ produced from mass populated buildings must be substantial – this could be recycled with minimal treatment for basic utilities that have no direct human contact (creating back up power, cooling server rooms, sanitary flushing, etc).

    I guess that mass adoption of such a system is a long way off due to having to justify the expense of installation, maintenance and running costs, etc but when these barriers are overcome not only would this be more efficient, it would also be a very good sustainable development initiative.

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